How to get around the city without cars in 2018

Transportation options in Honolulu are getting increasingly crowded, so the city is turning to the Internet.

The city will roll out a new taxi-only ride-hailing service called Ridesharing, starting today.

Users will be able to hail up to six rides per hour, and drivers can charge fares as high as $5 per ride.

The company will provide drivers with maps, and they’ll be able record their trips on their smartphone or tablet, where they’ll upload their data to a central database.

Drivers will be required to register with the city.

Ridesharers can also be licensed to drive, but the company will require that drivers pay $10 a day in licensing fees.

The company has partnered with local travel company OTA.

It will provide rides between the island’s tourist hotspots and its downtown and Chinatown districts.

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article The city is considering a pilot program that will let people rent cars and hire ride-share drivers to do the same.

The program will run in the downtown area and the Pearl District, with the goal of connecting residents and tourists.

There are no specific plans to expand beyond those areas, but city officials said the pilot program could potentially attract tourists to the city from other countries, as well as tourists from Hawaii.

Hollywood’s King Street Bridge is expected to be closed during the pilot, according to the Hawaii Transportation Agency.