How to take a train without leaving your house

By JOSEPH FERRY, Associated PressThe world’s largest airline, Delta Air Lines, says it’s planning to start flying on a more environmentally friendly plane.

The move, expected to begin in 2019, will be the first time Delta Air lines have operated on a passenger jet without an engine, said company spokesman John Schoenfeld.

Delta also said it plans to fly its first commercial passenger plane, the first aircraft to be powered by an electric propulsion system, on a new plane called the Horizon Flight.

Schoenfield said the new plane will fly on its new route from New York City to Seattle, the city Delta is starting to expand to serve other cities.

Delta will also begin using a more energy-efficient power system.

Delta says the new flight will be able to fly about 500 passengers per hour on a fuel-efficient engine and more than 400,000 people per hour with no fuel.

Delta will fly a new route that would begin in Seattle and fly to other destinations in Washington and California.

The company is using an electric power system, powered by a combination of batteries and solar panels, to provide power to the aircraft.

Delta is using a combination battery system that can deliver more than 10,000 miles of range per year.

Delta Air Lines said it will have a fleet of 20,000 planes in service by 2022, and will use a fleet management system to track and manage the plane.

Schienfeld said the goal is to fly as many planes as possible.

“The goal is always to do the most efficient way possible,” Schoenfeld said.

“There’s no way to do that without having a very, very large fleet.

There’s no other way to fly.”

Schoenfeld said Delta is still exploring the benefits of electric propulsion systems.

The plane will not be powered entirely by the sun.

It will have enough batteries to get the plane to a destination about 10 times as far from the sun than it would normally travel.

The company also said the company will continue to evaluate whether its existing aircraft are safe to fly.