When your car goes through a gas station, you can’t sue them

You can’t take your car out of a gasstation and sue them for damage because you might end up being sued for the money spent in the store. 

But that’s exactly what happened to a Southwestern Motor Transport driver in Texas who was left with $6,000 after a gas pump went off while he was inside a gas tank. 

The driver was trying to take a shortcut when a pump suddenly stopped working. 

According to WFAA, he tried to pull the gas pedal, but it did nothing and the pump stopped working again. 

“When the driver was outside the gas station and it was still running, he called 911 and went to the station to retrieve the car,” said John Coyle, the general manager of the Southwestern Motorsports, in a statement.

“When the pump was still working, the driver called the emergency number and was able to retrieve his vehicle.”

The incident happened just before midnight Friday, April 25. 

Police responded to a report of a vehicle accident in the city of Houston and found a car and driver in distress. 

Authorities say the driver suffered a minor injury and was taken to a hospital. 

No charges have been filed yet.