How to get around in Oakley’s new ride-hailing service, VipTruck

Oakley, the first ride-sharing service to offer a fully self-driving car, says it’s ready to roll out its first self-parking service by early 2018.

The company’s vice president of operations, Jason Renn, says the company will roll out a new vehicle to accommodate self-piloting vehicles that will cost between $40,000 and $50,000.

The service will be available in select locations around the U.S. and will be powered by the company’s advanced driver-assist technology.

Renn says the service will include two-way communication between the car and the driver’s smartphone.

“We’ll offer a feature that allows the driver to have real-time access to their vehicle, where they can see how the car is driving, and they can make adjustments to the vehicle,” Renn said.

The Oakley VipTransporter will have a range of options, including self-charging, charging, and cruise control.

The vehicle will also be equipped with navigation, blind spot monitoring, and other features.

Oakley will offer a range the car can operate on four wheels.

A range of self-propelled vehicles will also roll out in 2018, including one in Pittsburgh, another in San Diego, and the first in the Austin area.

The Pittsburgh car will be equipped by a subsidiary of Otto Automotive, a German automaker that was acquired by Uber last year.

A new autonomous vehicle could be coming soon, but not this year, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

Rensdorf says Oakley is committed to offering the same service to its customers.

“The technology is here,” he said.

“It’s just a matter of when do we get to actually make it a reality?

Because we’ll be delivering it this year.”

The company says it is working with Google to develop the technology, and will eventually offer its own self-drive vehicles.

“Oakley is focused on providing the best ride experience possible for our customers,” Rens dorf said.