What are the plans for the new Maverick bus?

by Football Italian title More details on the new Maverick bus article by Italia Sport title The new Maverik is a new school bus with a lot of details to consider article by Il Giornale L’Aquila (English version) By Stefano Mariani, @sfbjesus and @jesufcarrattItalia The new Mavericks school bus is a two-seater bus that can carry up to 10 passengers and carry up for €1.2 million, according to the official website of the Italian company that operates it.

The bus, called the Maverick, is being designed by the Italian firm that is working with a number of major Italian and international companies.

It will be launched in Milan, Bologna and Pisa, on March 11.

The Maverick will be powered by a hybrid electric motor, the source said.

The driver and two passengers will be made of steel and aluminium, with a cabin made of aluminium as well as aluminium panels.

The front of the bus has a dual-mode powertrain.

The engine will be equipped with a 7,600 kW (10,200 hp) lithium-ion battery and the rear will have an electric motor with a capacity of 1,500 kW (3,500 hp).

The engine is expected to be able to operate in a range of 0 to 35 km/h (6.3 to 24 mph).

The Mavericks design is a continuation of the Maverik, the bus the company has launched in 2013, which is powered by an electric drivetrain.

It was designed to run for between 5 and 9 hours on a single charge.

The new bus is expected in the first half of 2019.