How to get around in a car in 20 minutes: The best car-sharing services

Car sharing services such as Car2Go and Zipcar are becoming more popular as more people turn to alternative forms of transportation for short commutes and longer trips.

Here’s a look at the best car sharing services and how to use them.


Car2go car sharing The popular Car2Gocars service offers short rides between the car rental companies on a daily basis for $15 per person.

The service is similar to Uber and Lyft but offers free car rental services and a cash back bonus when you buy a new car with a monthly credit.

It’s also an excellent way to get away from traffic and get a better night’s sleep.

Car 2Go car rental company. 2.

Zipcar Zipcar, a car-hailing app, offers a daily trip for $12 per person, which is about the same as Uber.

The app allows users to book trips through their Google Wallet or Apple Pay account.

For $6.99 a month, you can book a one-way trip from Seattle to Los Angeles or New York for $30, and an all-day trip for about $55.

ZipCar also offers a one day car rental option for $2.50 per day and an annual membership fee of $75.

Zipcars car rental service. 2.

Uber car sharing A car sharing service called UberPool has added new car-rental options that are currently only available through its Android app.

The ride-sharing app, which has about 500,000 users in the United States, now offers daily trips to 25 cities for $6 per person and offers unlimited rides to cities in 50 other cities for free.

If you need to drive from a city to another, you have to book a car through its app.

UberPool car rental. 3.

Zipcarpool ZipCarpool, an Uber-like ride-hail service, is a popular alternative to Car2GO.

The company’s ZipCars service is $7 per person for a short ride.

ZipCar drivers can book the car for $3 per day or $5 per hour.

The UberPool ZipCarr service offers a monthly membership fee that can be used for other trips.

Zip 4.

Carpool carpool The popular carpooling service, Carpool, also offers free rides to more than 100 cities and has a monthly subscription that can buy you an additional car for a fee.

CarPool carpool. 4.

UberPOOL carpools UberPOLL is a car sharing app that provides unlimited rides between drivers for $5.25 per trip and a one way trip for a price of $4 per person each way.

Uber POOL car-pooling app. 5.

UberCar Uber’s car-hare service, Uber Car, offers unlimited trips to more as many as 250 cities per month for $10 per person per trip.

Car UberCar also has its own app, called Uber Car Plus, that allows you to book rides through your Google Wallet, Apple Pay or Android Pay.

The $3.95 per person monthly fee can be waived if you use Uber in the U.S. or Canada.

Ubercar 6.

UberMotoCar UberMOTOCar is a free car-hopping app for Android and iPhone users that lets you rent out your vehicle from a designated driver.

The program charges $5 for each trip, which can be added up to a monthly payment of $60.

Uber MOTOCar car-mobility app.


CarPilot car sharing 7.

Lyft car sharing Lyft launched its car-share program in 2017 and it has now added more than 300 cities, including Austin, Texas.

Lyft has partnered with several companies including Car2Get and Car2Paws.

Lyft offers a free app for the Lyft carpool app, but the company charges $15 a month for its car rental and $25 for car rental through Car2 Get.

Lyft app. 8.

Hertz car sharing Hertz offers an app called Hertz Carpool that lets drivers rent out their vehicles for $4.95 a day, which you can use toward a monthly monthly membership.

Herts car-parking service.

Hertys 9.

Zip car rental The Zipcar app lets you book a trip from your phone or computer to a location and then rent the vehicle for $9 per day.

You can rent a vehicle for an unlimited number of days.

Zip cars car-mobile app. 10.

Carshare carsharing CarShare lets you share a car from one app to another for free