Swift Transportation Revolution: An Australian startup that’s transforming the way we travel

By Steve StaufferKey points:The company, which recently raised $30 million from Sequoia Capital, aims to democratize transport using mobile technologySwift Transportation Revolution is aiming to democratise transport using the mobile app by using technology called mobile transport revolution.

The company says its technology will enable its users to travel from point A to point B from anywhere in the world within minutes, with no waiting time or costs.

It is also designed to help companies get rid of the hassle of transporting goods from one location to another, and also to simplify logistics, reducing time to market for those moving large volumes of goods.

“It’s a really exciting time for transportation technology,” said Swift CEO Michael Caulfield in a statement.

“Swift Technology is the world’s leading provider of transportation services, and we’re confident that our mobile transport platform will help us deliver on our ambitious vision to revolutionise the way people get around.”

Swift is a company founded by Caulfields son and co-founder, Justin Caulfeild.

The company has offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland.

The startup said it would provide its platform in partnership with the Australian Government and the Queensland Government to create a secure, secure and reliable transportation system, using its technology.

Mr Caulffield said it was important for the Australian people to be able to travel safely and securely, without worrying about how to get from point to point.

“Transport is not just about the journey from point B to point A, it’s also about getting from point one to point ten,” he said.

“That’s where the risks are, and that’s where we want to help make the transport system safer and more secure.”

The company will launch its app on the App Store in the next few weeks, with the first rollout planned for September.

The project, which Mr Cauliffe described as a “very exciting time in Australian history”, comes as the Government looks to crack down on the rampant misuse of the mobile phone app.

The State Government has also set up a mobile phone taskforce to examine the potential benefits of mobile phones and see if there is a market there, which would provide some answers.

Mr Stauffe said the government was also looking at how mobile technology could be used to increase the efficiency of the supply chain.

“We think the opportunity is enormous to make our supply chain more efficient,” he told AAP.

“A lot of our transport infrastructure in Australia is based on having a system that is a complete system.”

Our roads are a lot of work and a lot more complicated to run than it is to get a mobile app up and running, and it’s really a challenge.

“But we think there are huge opportunities for this to be used.”