How to find a safe commute

A new study by the University of Pennsylvania Transportation Research Institute shows how to make your commute a little safer.

The research team, led by Professor Daniel Mears, says the new method could make it easier for people to get to work from home.

Mears, who has conducted extensive research on the benefits of autonomous vehicles, said he is not sure the new technology will be widely adopted, but it is worth a try.

“This is not a solution for the typical commuter,” he said.

“I think this is for the commuter who is a little bit worried about making the commute, and they think that they’re going to get an accident.”

Mears and his colleagues studied how people make their way home from work by using an algorithm, or GPS, to determine the closest road to their home.

They then compared the data with data from drivers’ mobile phones, which were connected to the computer.

The results showed people who made the most of their commute were far more likely to get home safely than those who drove their own vehicles.

“We find that it’s very safe to be driving in your own vehicle in most places, even when you’re in the vicinity of your work,” Mears said.

He added that drivers who used an automated vehicle were far less likely to crash into other drivers.

“It’s very surprising that we found this,” he added.

“It’s a bit surprising that it seems to be more likely in the autonomous vehicle system.”

Miles, the Uber driver, is an example of a driver who has used the system.

He is a frequent rider of the ride-sharing service and was riding to his home in New Jersey when he crashed his car into a tree on a remote road.

The researchers say the study is the first to show that drivers using autonomous vehicles can be safer than drivers who drive themselves.

Mears hopes the study will be a useful reference point for the general public and government agencies who want to learn more about driver safety.

“I think it’s important that we start to look at this from a safety perspective and not just from a productivity perspective,” he told Al Jazeera.

“In a way, we’re talking about people in cars, and in cars are the only vehicles that are safe.

The people in autonomous vehicles are a whole other animal.”

The study was published in the journal Transportation Research.