Sydney’s first tram to be equipped with a ‘smart meter’

Updated November 29, 2019 04:04:14 Sydney’s second tram is set to be fitted with a new, smart meter, which will allow passengers to track their journey, according to the City of Sydney.

Key points:The tram will be equipped to measure passengers’ time spent on the tram by displaying a graphically-based bar graphThe project will cost $5.6 million to buildThe new system will be able to track passenger time, not just journey timeThe Sydney Tram Corporation (STC) has confirmed the project will be “a major milestone” for the tram, which has been plagued by safety and reliability issues.

Key Points:The new tram will cost around $5 million to install, including a $1.2 million grant for a “smart meter”The project is set for completion by the end of 2020The new smart meter is due to be installed on the Sydney Trampoline and Tramway by the first quarter of 2021.STC has said the project is an “important milestone” that will allow for improved safety and performance.

“It’s the first time that the City has ever built a tram system based on smart meters and it will enable us to monitor our tram journey on a real time basis,” Sydney Trams CEO Paul Steed said.

“With this, we can build a safe, reliable, and secure tram system that will make Sydney a more accessible city for all.”

The new “smart meters” will allow commuters to monitor their journey and compare it to their journey on the existing tram system, which currently shows a bar graph, which can show time spent at the tram and journey time.

The smart meters will also allow passengers and staff to report any safety or performance issues to the NSW Transport Safety Bureau.

The project was approved by the City’s Roads and Maritime Commission last year, and will cost about $5m to install.

The first tram, the Sydney Harbour Tram, was built in 1999, and was used by the Metropolitan Transport Authority for about four decades.

The Sydney Harbour is now part of the Sydney Regional Rail Authority.

“We’ve had the tram for a long time now and we’ve really taken the tram out to the city and put it up in the city,” Mr Steed told News Corp Australia.

“When it comes to public transport, it’s always been an issue.

I think it’s really important to have a tram built, because the public are keen to be able see the tram in the tram system.”

He said the new system would be used for trips from the city’s central business district to the outer suburbs and up to the northern beaches.

“The idea of a tram is that it can run all the way to the suburbs and the outer beaches, and then from there it’s going to the CBD, and it can go down to the harbour, it can travel to the central business districts and all the other places in the CBD,” he said.

“This is going to make it more accessible, so it’ll help us to have people come to the tram to go about their day.”

Mr Steed added that the new smart meters would also allow for more data collection.

“I think it will allow us to take a lot more data and information,” he told the ABC.

Mr Stee added that he was hopeful the new trams would be fully up and running by the time the project was finished.

“This will be the beginning of a long road for the city to make sure it has a smart tram,” he concluded.

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