Why you need to check out the new UK Transport for London app

Transport for the Capital has launched its new app to allow users to make phone calls and book bus and train tickets, and it’s a big hit.

The app was launched on Friday and it already has more than 2.5 million users, according to the company.

The service has more people using it than any other transport service in the UK.

The apps main goal is to make it easier for people to find transport options, such as the Tube and DLR, as well as making it easier to find places to meet.

The company says that it is helping drivers to make more money by letting them pay more for their journeys.

The new app is free and works across a range of devices.

Users can access it from a range on the main menu of the app, which is now updated to reflect the launch of the new app.

The main screen now shows the route the user has booked and the estimated time to get there.

It also shows the fares to the destination, the number of seats and other information.

The first screen, which lets users select from an array of options, lets them pick from a list of routes in the app.

Users will then need to input a passcode when using the app and confirm the passcode by pressing the checkbox next to the check box next to a booking option.

The screen then asks the user for their phone number, which will be displayed on the screen.

The next screen asks the phone to be in contact with Transport for UK.

If the user confirms, a pop-up will ask them to add the contact details to the app so they can add their phone numbers and receive alerts when the user is travelling.

If they do not, the app will warn them.

The second screen asks if the user would like to add a ride request to the booking, which allows users to book a car and request a ride.

Users may choose from the options to make a request to arrange a taxi ride or a bus or train.

Users are also able to choose from a selection of other services.

Transport for Britain said that it has seen a “huge increase in demand” and the app was used by more than 50 million people in the first six months of operation.

Users of the service are able to book trips for as little as £4.20.

The travel service has also added a feature that allows users who are not using a mobile phone to book the car and get an email when the driver arrives at the destination.