Costa Rica’s Benjamin Transportation Inc. says it’s the first US-based transit operator to start selling tickets to cabs in the US

Benjamin Transport, a Costa Rican transportation company, said it has partnered with a US-licensed taxi service to start offering its service at airports in the United States, according to a press release.

The company said it was the first U.S.-based company to offer cabs at US airports.

Costa Rica is home to about 2 million people.

Costa Rican President Ana Botas announced the partnership in January, saying that cabs and other transportation options would help address the country’s transportation needs.

The announcement came days after Costa Rica and the US signed an agreement on an air passenger service that would include cabs for a single day per month beginning March 21.

Costa Ricans have been complaining about their frequent taxi fare increases, which have been one of the primary drivers of the island nation’s economy.

In the U.N.’s World Food Programme report, the island country has one of lowest infant mortality rates in the world, which has been attributed to a high proportion of cabs.

The government is also working to increase the number of cabbies and improve accessibility.

The Costa Rican government launched a pilot project last year to expand the number and types of cab drivers, including offering free rides to some passengers, and it has promised to open a taxi and limousine service in the coming months.

The new service will be operated by Costa Rica Cabs, a subsidiary of Benjamin, the company said.

Costa Rico’s cabbie and limo drivers are among the most vulnerable to crime and unemployment, according the World Bank.

A recent report by the nonprofit think tank said Costa Rica ranks 15th among Latin American countries in terms of the proportion of its population that has a job.

Costa Rios Taxi and Limousine Services said in the press release that the company will be working with Costa Rica to ensure the taxi and cab service can provide a stable, safe and fair ride to the people of Costa Rica.

The cabbage services in the U, which already have an established presence in the country, are currently available at most major airports, and the company is looking to expand.