Which airlines are offering free rides on flights?

Air Canada says it’s offering free flights on its domestic flights to some of Canada’s biggest cities in exchange for the use of its corporate logo.

The airline said it is also using the logo on a few flights for its commercial service.

“We are not making any announcements yet about what the fares will be,” spokeswoman Rachel Gaudette told CBC News on Tuesday.

The city of Calgary, which has the busiest international airport in the country, said it will also be accepting free trips to major destinations, including Toronto and Vancouver.

A number of Canadian cities, including Calgary, have been looking for ways to attract international business to the region, and are also using their logo.

“It is the city’s choice,” Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi said in a statement.

“The logo is a beautiful thing, and it makes us look good in a city where we are often overshadowed.”

In Calgary, Calgary Stampede and Stampedy are offering the same free trips on their domestic flights.