How to get from A to B: How to avoid car-free weekends

A day of travelling by car on a Saturday afternoon is probably the most convenient one.

That’s because it is so cheap, and it’s also one of the most popular ways to get around.

But if you do it on the weekend, you’re missing out on the big bang of traffic and congestion that comes with an afternoon of car-only travel.

Here’s what you need to know about how to avoid getting stuck in traffic on Saturday.


It’s cheaper than the weekend to go car-less on the weekends There are a number of reasons why people go carless on Saturday mornings.

Firstly, there are more people in Australia than anywhere else.

Australia is home to about 60 million people.

These people tend to have a higher household income and they’re more likely to own a car.

There are also many people who drive to work on Saturday as well.

The reason why these people are not going to spend more time driving is because they can relax and enjoy the sun.

But even though the price is cheaper, there’s no reason to get too carried away on weekends.

If you do go car free, you’ll also be doing your part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the amount of time spent in traffic.

And if you don’t like to spend too much time on the road, it’s important to consider what you can do to reduce the amount you’re travelling.

For instance, the longer you spend in traffic, the more gas you burn and the more miles you need.

It may not be as much as you’d think, but it is still worth considering.

If your trip is in the 20 to 30 minute range, the savings are considerable.

The other benefit is that you can spend time in your home.

A lot of people have a lot of work commitments on Saturday, and they can only take a few hours a week off.

So if you have to spend the weekend away from home, it makes more sense to go on a weekend.

But remember, if you go on the Saturday, it is important to remember that there are some other things you can and can’t do on a Sunday.

This is particularly true for those travelling to and from the CBD.

You’ll need to have the car in your driveway or driveway in the back of your car.

It will be best if you can park in a lot with lots of parking, or you can drive to the CBD from your office, office building or hotel.

If it’s your first weekend, consider staying at home instead of driving.

For those travelling interstate, you may have to leave the car on the side of the road at a petrol station.

This will help reduce congestion.

For people who are staying at a hotel, it may be more cost effective to drive the whole weekend.

The last thing you want is to be stuck in the middle of traffic, which will lead to more accidents and other issues.

And when you do have to drive, you need a reliable phone or GPS.

You might also want to consider using a mobile phone as a means of getting home when you’re stuck.

If these factors are important to you, you can consider going to the next stop on your trip.

For more information on car-optional travel, you should check out our article on how to reduce your carbon footprint.


You can use the weekend for other activities that are not car-dependent You don’t have to be a car-hating person to consider taking the weekend off.

You could take out a weekend trip to go fishing, hike the Pampanga River, go for a walk or even just relax.

If the weather is pleasant and there are no traffic jams, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy a leisurely walk, bike or run.

But the key to avoiding getting stuck on Saturday is to make sure you’ve got a plan for what you’ll do on the day.

There’s a lot you can take advantage of when it comes to enjoying the sun, running or doing other activities on the car-limited weekends.

The following tips should help you make the most of the weekends.


Set aside a day for leisure activities on a car commute You’ll find that the most enjoyable weekends are those when the weather’s not too hot, and the crowds are minimal.

But you can also find that there’s not much you can enjoy on Saturday if you are stuck in a car for longer than an hour.

If this is the case, it might be better to make a short trip to the beach, or to another area that has no traffic.


Consider going for a short walk or run on a vehicle If you’re going to take a walk on a public walkway, consider going with a partner or a dog.

It might be a great opportunity to enjoy the view without having to drive.

You will be doing the whole week’s work.

And there are many public walkways around