How to drive the electric vehicle in Italy

Transport companies are hoping to attract electric vehicles to Italy by offering incentives and a new route for people who do not want to take the traditional car.

The national car transport companies Transporter and Transport Infrastructure announced the new route and offer a new incentive to drivers who drive electric cars.

The new route is designed to bring more electric vehicles onto the roads in Italy and in the European Union, Transporter said on its website.

Transporter said it would use the routes new route to increase the number of electric vehicles in Italy.

The government has introduced incentives for electric vehicles with the first three months of 2019 offering a 50 percent discount on new electric cars, a 50-euro discount on an existing electric vehicle and a discount of 50 percent on an all-electric vehicle.

The incentive for electric cars will increase by 50 percent in 2020, it added.

Transport Infrastructure is aiming to increase its electric vehicle sales by 40 percent in 2021, to 300,000 vehicles a year.

The Italian car manufacturers are also hoping to increase sales by 20 percent a year by 2020, with electric vehicles increasing by 60 percent a decade.

Transportation Infrastructure said the new routes would bring people to the road more often, reduce traffic jams and create jobs.

The route is the first in Europe to offer incentives for the use of electric mobility, which are designed to encourage people to buy electric vehicles.

The European Union aims to increase electrification in the 2020s by introducing incentives for all electric vehicles and a minimum charge-up period of 12 months for electric transport.