£30M for new Jaguar XJX SUV to be built in London

Transport for London, the British transport agency, has announced a £30m project to build a luxury Jaguar XK in London.

The car is expected to be unveiled later this year.

Transport for England has already announced a similar project in 2019 for the brand’s new sports coupe.

“We are delighted to announce the new Jaguar SUV to transport for London,” said John Witherow, chairman of the transport authority.

“This is an ambitious project for London which will deliver a brand new SUV to the capital which will be the most stylish vehicle available on the market today.”

The XK will be powered by Jaguar’s high-performance all-wheel drive system, Jaguar XPR, which is currently used on the brand-new XF.

The new SUV will have a range of features, including a range-topping 7-seat rear-wheel-drive configuration, a powertrain which includes electric motors and rear-drive electric powertrains, and a three-seat backseat.

“Our customers are thrilled to have their new Jaguar to take them from their local shops to their offices or the airport,” said Richard Beasley, chairman and chief executive of Transport for Britain.

“With the latest innovations and innovations that we have brought to our fleet, the new XK is the most powerful, stylish and efficient SUV in the world.”

The new XJ is expected at the end of this year and will be available for sale to buyers starting in 2019.