“If you’re a big trucker you’ll be able to park at a Walmart anytime, anytime”

The U.S. Postal Service is planning to expand its fleet of mail-carrying trucks to accommodate a new fleet of truckers.

The U.K. government announced on Tuesday that it is expanding its fleet by about 3,500 trucks to handle the bulk of its mail traffic.

The new service will bring more than 5,000 trucks to the United Kingdom.

The Postal Service said it has expanded its delivery fleet since the mid-1990s.

The service now carries about 4 million letters and packages annually, with an average of 5,500 packages per day.

The agency said it will have a new “post-delivery” truck arriving in 2019.

The move is part of a $1.8 billion effort by the U.G.P. to boost its fleet.

In January, the U and UK signed an agreement that will allow the U to use the postal system to deliver goods across the U: U.A.F.C. spokesman Patrick Murphy said the post-delivering trucks would arrive in 2019 with the Postal Service.