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The federal government announced Monday that it would increase the speed limit to 60 km/h on most highways in the country by 2020.

The government will also make it illegal for drivers to exceed the speed of 70 km/hr on highways.

The government said it was working on a new set of speed limit laws and recommended that motorists who exceed those limits should also be penalized with a $5 fine.

Drivers who exceed the limit will also be banned from driving on provincial roads.

The speed limit changes come on the heels of a fatal collision between a motorcyclist and a motor vehicle on the Highway 401 highway in Montreal on Friday.

The motorcyclists vehicle was travelling at 70 km per hour when it struck the motor vehicle in the eastbound lanes of Highway 401, which was closed at that time.

The motorcyclics death led to calls for the government to increase the maximum speed limit on the highways.

On Monday, the minister of transport, John McCallum, said the speed limits were “still too high.”

McCallm said that while he would like to see the speed to 70 km a hour be increased on the roads, it was “not realistic” given the risk posed by distracted drivers.

The minister said the government was working to develop a speed limit law that would include penalties for drivers who exceed 80 km/hour on provincial roadways.

McCallum said the federal government would “be working with provinces and municipalities” to develop speed limit legislation and that he was working with provincial and municipal governments to develop their own speed limit policies.