‘We are not going to leave’: ‘No, we will not’: ‘We cannot leave’: Juventus fans protest after Milan match

This year has been a roller coaster ride for Juventus fans.

On the one hand, they won the Scudetto in the Champions League final, followed by the Serie A title and a Champions League place, with the second leg against Juventus looming.

They are currently fourth in Serie A, two points behind leaders Roma and five behind Juventus.

On top of that, they were handed a massive punishment, losing €80 million in a season that saw them spend just over €1.5 billion.

The Bianconeri also have a Champions Cup spot at stake, where they are expected to play at Juventus on Wednesday.

But then there’s the problem that they have to travel all the way from Rome to attend a match, as the Champions league is held in Italy, and Juventus are not in the best position to get a place in the tournament.

“I would like to express our sincere thanks to Juventus for the hospitality,” the club tweeted on Sunday.

“We would like them to show their appreciation and take us as our friends.

We have not been given a clear answer as to whether we will be allowed to travel to Italy and join in the celebration of our Champions League win.”

That has left the fans angry and frustrated, and now they have made their voice heard on social media.

On Sunday, fans at a stadium in Verona called Juventus “a bunch of thieves” and accused the club of stealing the league.

The Verona fan group, known as Juve in Italian, called on fans to call on Juventus president Andrea Agnelli and show solidarity with Juventus.

“Juventus is a group of thieves.

They stole our Champions league, but they are not taking our money or our players,” the Verona supporter group wrote on its Facebook page.

“They are a group that do not care about us, we are not their customers, and they are doing everything they can to stop us from celebrating the Champions title.”

The group said Juventus was “trying to keep us under their control, to keep them in their pockets and to keep the fans out.”

“We cannot remain silent,” the group said, adding that it wanted to “tell Juventus to do the right thing, and give the fans what they deserve.”

On Saturday, the fans also organized a protest outside the Juventus stadium.

They called on the club to suspend its relationship with Juventus, as they have threatened to boycott matches until the end of the season.

“Please take away our Champions trophy, our players, our fans and our city.

We cannot remain quiet,” the protest read.