U.S. rail transport industry expected to grow 2.5% in 2016, rail transportation services provider TRAX Group predicts

Transportation for America has predicted that the rail transport services industry will grow 2 percent in 2016.

The firm’s annual report to investors on Tuesday also predicted that a small portion of the U.K.’s population would be able to use public transport within the next five years, a trend that was predicted by the European Union and others in the past year.

The firm said that in 2017, the United States was expected to see an average of about one new passenger per week, compared to about 3.5 in 2016 and about 1.7 in 2015.

The report comes as more and more Americans, and Europeans in particular, are becoming more active in the nation’s rail transportation industry.

In 2017, nearly 30 percent of all U. S. passenger trips were on public transportation.

In contrast, nearly 70 percent of Americans who travel to Europe do so by car.

The average American travels about 4.5 miles (6.7 kilometers) per day.

That’s about four times the distance Americans travel by train, which averages about 2.6 miles (3 kilometers) in a day.

The report also predicted a decrease in passenger traffic in 2021 and 2024, as Americans begin to use more public transportation options.

The company also predicts that by 2020, the average American will travel about 6.6 hours per day by car, compared with 7.6 by 2020 and 8.1 by 2020.

It’s expected that by 2031, the transportation industry will generate $4.4 trillion in economic output, a figure that includes economic benefits from infrastructure investment.