What you need to know about Swift transportation in 2019

Swift Transportation, the new transportation company from Lyft’s CEO, is launching its first official transit vehicle in the form of the Swift Transit.

The transit car, which can be equipped with various sensors, will be available for purchase on February 11th.

Swift Transportation will offer a “limited-time offer” to customers who order the Swift Transport, which is a $25 discount off the regular Swift Transit price.

The Swift Transit can be purchased on the Swift Transportation website for $45.

To get the full-sized Swift Transit for $125, you’ll have to pay $100, which works out to $8,200.

The $95 Swift Transit will only be available on select locations, including a few grocery stores.

For $95, you can also choose a limited-time deal of $75 off the standard Swift Transit pricing.

Swift Transit is a new company, but it has already proven its worth as a transportation company.

Swift recently completed its first trial with Lyft’s transit car.

The company’s first fleet of Swift Transit vehicles is now on the road, and it’s been able to test out its new technology to riders and drivers.

In February 2019, Swift Transportation announced it had signed a $1 billion contract with Lyft to expand its fleet of Lyft-branded vehicles.

Lyft will also use Swift Transit in its autonomous vehicles, which have the potential to improve safety for drivers.

Swift has also announced it will offer its vehicles to Lyft riders for free, which it claims will make it a viable competitor to Uber.

If you’re looking for transportation options for your commute, Swift is a good choice.

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