“Ticketmaster is about to give its customers more choices”

The world’s largest ticketing platform has launched a new service to allow customers to buy tickets online and in person, a move that could boost competition in the market and improve service quality.

The company said Tuesday that it would open a portal to its platform that would allow customers, including those who are on mobile devices, to buy and sell tickets using its platform, Swift.

The service will launch in two phases, with a launch expected in October, Swift said.

Swift said it would offer free shipping for customers, and a $1-per-ticket minimum.

The portal is expected to launch in about five months.

The new service comes as ticketing firms seek to entice consumers to use the services of online ticketing companies such as StubHub and StubHub Plus, which are increasingly becoming more prominent in the retail space.

The companies charge consumers more for online tickets than they do for physical tickets, which have higher fees.

The online ticket marketplace has been growing at a steady clip since its creation in 2007, but has struggled to maintain its position as a legitimate, widely used alternative to the traditional ticketing marketplaces.

It has struggled with a slew of problems that have included theft, fraud and abuse.