How to get an all-electric vehicle on the road by 2019

New research from the National Transportation Safety Board suggests the US will need to make the jump to electric vehicles by 2020.

The report recommends the US get a plug-in hybrid vehicle on sale by 2019 and add charging stations to all existing vehicles by 2019.

The US is currently the only country in the world that does not require a plug in hybrid vehicle.

Its been five years since President Donald Trump announced the US would no longer require the vehicle to be electric, and the government is now preparing to phase out the old gas engine.

If the US wants to transition to electric, it will need an all electric vehicle, and they need to be affordable, according to the report.

“The US has no other option,” said Daniel Ritter, a policy analyst at the Transportation Research Board.

“The technology is there.

The cost is there.”

“Electric vehicles will become an important part of our transportation system by 2020,” the report said.

This means we need to get plug-ins on the roads, and that means we should have an all EV option by 2019, it said.