Nunn transport vehicle: Crashed and destroyed in collision with tractor-trailer

A tractor- trailer crashed into the front of a vehicle carrying three people who were heading to a wedding in Georgia, killing all three of them, officials said.

The accident happened at a rural intersection on Monday in an area near the state capital, Macon.

The tractor-tractor trailer, with two tractor- trailers attached, collided with a tractor- tractor-vehicle and a light truck, according to the state transportation department.

The two vehicles continued to drive along a highway, but the light truck suddenly stopped, veered off the highway and struck the tractor-mover, state officials said in a statement.

The tractor-transport vehicle that was carrying the people was hit by the tractor and overturned, officials at the Macon Police Department said.

One person died at the scene, and the other was treated and released.

The other two people in the tractor were not injured, officials added.

State highway officials said the tractor was registered to the same owner as the tractor trailer.

No other details were immediately available.

The driver of the tractor, who was driving in a white pickup truck, was not injured and was arrested for failure to yield and leaving the scene of an accident.

Georgia state law allows a person to be charged with vehicular manslaughter or gross vehicular homicide when he or she causes an injury to another person while driving a vehicle.

State officials said they did not know whether the tractor driver was licensed.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is investigating the accident.

The National Transportation Safety Board is also investigating.