‘Supernatural’ star Josh Duhamel on ‘supernatural’ reunion with Bryan Singer: ‘This is not a dream’

Supernatural star Josh duhamel has announced that the duo are still friends.

The two have been working together on “Supernatural” as well as producing and directing the upcoming season of American Horror Story: Hotel, but have not been working on a TV series together for the past year.

In an interview with EW, duhamels longtime producer and director Bryan Singer said that they are still working together.

“We’re still friends,” Singer said.

“He and I have been doing that since the beginning of ‘Superstar.'” duhamela, who plays Sam and Dean Winchester, says that their relationship is “absolutely” still intact and that he’s “really looking forward to what’s next” in the show.

Singer, who also plays The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan, told EW that they’ve been working with each other for five years.

“It’s been an incredible experience,” he said.

Duhamels casting in American Horror Ballroom.