How to use Google Maps to get around the DC metro area

Washington, DC —  It has been a tough few weeks for transportation advocates and the people of the District.

As the nation’s capital struggles to overcome its worst pollution crisis in decades, Washington’s transportation system has been on a slow-down as a result of the crisis.

The National Weather Service, however, is predicting a more favorable scenario for the District’s transportation in the next few days.

For starters, the National Weather service is predicting the region will be in a “good” weather pattern for the rest of this week.

Additionally, a forecast by the National Centers for Environmental Prediction shows the District will be experiencing a mild to moderate wind chill and snowfall over the next three days.

That’s the second such forecast for the entire region.

While the forecast doesn’t necessarily mean a new snowfall is imminent, it does provide some comfort for the region.

A new storm is forecast to arrive in the D.C. metro area this afternoon.

Washingtonians are still waiting for the Metro to confirm if the Metro will be operational for a second time this week and the impact it will have on the Metro’s capacity.

On Tuesday, Metro officials said the agency will be able to start operating again tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m.

The agency also said that it will begin the process of shutting down its service to Metro Rail, which is running under the Metro umbrella.

Meanwhile, the Department of Transportation said on Thursday that Metro is set to resume operations at 9 a.d. on Thursday.

At the same time, Metro will start operating under the new MetroRail service.

That will likely take some of the pressure off the Metro Rail system and help alleviate the backlog of trains in the system.

But that could take time, since the agency said that the Metro rail system is in a state of emergency.

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) is also planning to resume service in the District this week, although it is currently being evaluated as a separate storm.

The WMATA announced on Thursday it will resume operations this Friday and is expected to reach its maximum capacity of 9,000 vehicles a day by Friday evening.

And, on Friday, the agency is expecting to be able handle 9,800 vehicles daily.

WMATA is currently operating a total of 6,500 Metro Rail vehicles in the Washington Metro area, but the agency also has been ramping up its other rail operations to help handle its growing backlog of rail cars.